mineral rod

mineral rod

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  • Divining rod — A divining rod (also known as dowsing rod) is an apparatus used in dowsing. There are many types of divining rods:* two brass L shaped wire rods (commonly made of brazing or welding rod, but glass or plastic have also been accepted) that are to… …   Wikipedia

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  • dowsing rod — dows·ing rod || zɪŋ n. rod for detecting and searching for mineral and underground water, divining rod …   English contemporary dictionary

  • divining rod — n. rod for detecting and searching for mineral and underground water, dowsing rod …   English contemporary dictionary

  • divining rod — noun rod used for dowsing, a technique of divination used to locate subterranean sources of water, metal, other mineral resources or even various other things through magic, or according to many believers a natural phenomenon …   Wiktionary

  • divining rod — n. a forked branch or stick used by dowsers and others in seeking water or minerals hidden in the earth: it is believed that when the stick dips downward, the location of water or a mineral deposit is indicated …   English World dictionary

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